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Junior News @ James

Welcome to the School News Club section of our school website: known as Junior News @ James by us - the authors!  We are: Matilda North, Grace Godfrey, Ellie Carter, Lilly Collins and Daisy Godfrey.  Our work is edited by Mrs Saunders, who runs the club.  We meet every Wednesday lunch time in order to discuss and report the latest school news.  We also write reports, recipes and book reviews based on our likes and dislikes that can be read and appreciated by any age.  We hope you enjoy reading our articles and we are always looking for new members if you are interested in joining us.   




Summer 2017 School Production Update!

Auditions will be held at the end of the first week back after half term for our production of The Peace Child. 

There will be acting and singing auditions.  If you want to audition for an acting part (speaking or non-speaking) please ask Mrs Saunders for a copy of the part of the script that will be used for the audition. 

If you want to audition for a solo singing part, there is a rap or a song sung by the chief's wife.  Go to the following link: and click on 'Don't mess with the bears' or 'My Life, My Love' to listen to and learn the songs.   


Ever wanted to know how to look after a house bunny?  Learn all about it from our expert - Ellie Carter.


Matilda's Half Termly School Report

Click here to read about our school council and what they have been up to this half term.


Grace's Greatest Book of the Half Term!

Read about Grace's latest recommendation: Clover Moon.




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