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Yew Class - Yrs 5 & 6


Yew Class Topic Web Summer Term 2018 - The Amazing Americas

Yew Class Topic Web Spring Term 2018 - Visionary Victorians

Yew Class Topic Web Autumn Term 2017 - All Along the Arun

Yew Class Newsletter Autumn 2017


Summer Production 2018 - Alice the Musical: 

Auditions will be held at the end of the first week back after half term for our production of Alice the Musical. Year 5 and 6 children have been invited to audition for the main and smaller parts.  

There will be acting and singing auditions. 

If you want to audition for an acting part (speaking or non-speaking) please ask Mrs Saunders for a copy of the part of the script that will be used for the audition. 

If you want to audition for a solo singing part, please think about which part you would like to be, as there are specific songs for specific parts:

White Rabbit: sings 'I'm Late' - song 3
Mouse: sings 'Mouse's Tale' - song 9
Fish and Frog Footmen: sing 'Pig and Pepper' - song 12
Alice: sings 'Wonderland' - song 13
Hatter, Hare and Doormouse: sing 'Mad as a Hatter' - song 15
Gryphon and the Mock Turtle: sing 'Lobster Dance' - song 18.

Mrs Saunders will hold an audition for each of the above songs. 

 You can listen to the songs by clicking on the following link:

Scroll down until you see: Songs - Click To Listen



Yew Class Forest School: 

Yew Class have been enjoying their Forest School sessions this term.



Saxophone Concert.

The children of Yew Class are learning the saxophone in 2017/18.  They performed in assembly on Tuesday 12/12/17 and we all enjoyed hearing how they are getting on.




Yew Class Newsletter Autumn term 2016

Yew Class Topic sheet Autumn term 2016

Yew Class Topic sheet Spring term 2017

Yew Class Topic sheet Summer term 2017 


One People One World -

Summer term 2017


Half Term Reading Homework:

Please finish reading your book over the half term holiday (Year 5: Bob - No Ordinary Cat by James Bowen and Year 6: The Garbage King by Elizabeth Laird). 

Complete the questions on the sheet to discuss in our first Guided Reading session next half term.  Click on the link below to download your question sheet.

Year 5 questions

Year 6 questions



Space - Spring term 2017


The Making of the Moon buggies!

Yew class have a go at engineering their own moon buggies to meet a design brief.

Read the following report by Grace Godfrey - Year 6 pupil, to find out more. 


On the first week back after the February half term, Year 5 and 6 of St James school were set with the task of making their own miniature version of a moon-buggy (as their current topic is space). Having looked at pictures of them and annotated their features, the children then had to start their design.


Once their designs were finished, Year 5 and 6 had to precisely measure their wood. The making of the moon-buggies involved: designing, measuring, sawing and gluing. Then, wood cut, they could glue their pieces together, a tricky, hazardous job, as the glue was scorching hot.


After their frames were made, the moon-buggies were ready
to be completed with all of their characteristics, such as:
seats, satellites, cameras etc. Yew class had fun spending a
couple of whole afternoons making their moon-buggies look
the part!


Then, with all the hard work done, the children got to head outside into the playground and race their moon-buggy creations. This was the part that was the most fun! The Year 5’s raced the Year 5’s and Year 6’s raced Year 6’s, and in the end, sadly most of the moon-buggies fell apart!









Year 5 and 6 Bikeability - March 2017

Yew Class have fun learning how to ride their bikes safely on the road. 

Year 5 and 6 have been out each afternoon this week (beginning 27th February) with trained West Sussex County Council instructors, who have taught them a variety of life-skills, including: signalling left and right, emergency stops and different combinations of turns that involve minor and major roads.

Have a look at how they got on in the video below...



Rocket Poetry - more to follow...

Click on an author below to read their poem.




Space Crash, Aliens or Saunders Set-up?

Yew Class report on a strange event that happened
at the beginning of the Spring term - January 2017. 


What were these strange objects and why did they appear on our school field? 


Click on an author below for the classes' opinions
about what happened...


Ash - Satellite Seen

Abbie - The Coldwaltham Crash

Alex - Unknown Universe Crash - Or Is It?

Arran - Coldwaltham Catastrophe Crash

Callum - Sneaky Saunders Sets Up Crime Scene

Edward - Shocking Satellite Crash Or Saunders Set-up?

Ellie - Alien Spaceship Attack

Grace - Really A Rocket?

Harvey - Sly Saunders Made A Fake Crash

Lila - Alien Attack

Matilda - Sneaky Saunders Sets Stealthy Crime Scene

Tom - Saunders Set It Up


Whose story do you agree with the most?



Planetarium Trip

Yew Class visit the Planetarium in Chichester in order to become space experts!  We explored the night sky in the star dome and some of us even held a meteorite!



Creating Planets

Yew Class design and create their own planets in order to learn about our Solar System. 

We explored the features of planets, suns and moons and used our knowledge of the composition of planets in the Solar System to design our own.  We formed our planets out of paper-mache, creating an appropriate planet surface, and then painted them. 







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