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Elm Class - Yr 2, 3 & 4

Elm Class Newsletter - Summer Term 2020

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 Elm Class Newsletter - Spring Term 2020

Elm Class Topic Web - Spring Term 2020


Elm Class Newsletter - Autumn Term 2019

Elm Class Topic Web - Autumn Term 2019


Welcome Back Elm Class!

Summer Term 2020 - 2nd Half

Monday 13th July

Good Morning Elm Class,
We have reached the final full week of the term and the end of our adventure around the world!
Below you will find a letter explaining what happens next. 
As your final task, we have set you an extended writing challenge.  Please also take this time to complete and polish off any Topic/Journal tasks and re-visit any countries you enjoyed (also attached below as a reminder). Also, keep up with your TT Rockstars and Reading. We hope you are all working on some sort of performance or sporting event at home. If not, then an extra challenge for you is to learn a poem of your choice by heart so that you can recite it, this could be something you perform for your household at the end of term. 
Letter to Travel Home
Journal/Topic Tasks
Extended Writing Challenge
Have a great week Elm Class!

Great to see some of our amazing home learners getting ready for Carnival (and some younger siblings joining in too)!



 Check out how great these mini sagas are and the planning involved! We've had the privilege of seeing the editing involved too and know how hard it was to cut out all that lovely language we so often encourage you to use. So well done for excellent editing skills! Some of you have impressively stuck to the 50 word limit, some of you decided to throw it out of the window ;) What a scary sounding Bloodbottler! These beasts are amazing!


UPDATE: Friday 10th July

Good morning Elm Explorers, welcome to Friday and our last update for the week.

Here's the plan for today:


15 minutes on TT Rock Stars followed by your maths activity, please.

Y2 & Y3 Digital and Analogue Times

Y4 Estimate and Order Weight


Please use your English time today to finish and print your finished newspaper reports. They're all looking very professional and we're looking forward to reading them. Once it's printed, please give it a final read through and then why not share it with others in your house? Please remember to send a copy to or so that we can add to the website to share with one another.


Please finish the topic tasks we added mid-week about Brazil. You'll find links on Wednesday's update on here or in your inboxes.


Have an amazing weekend guys!


Thursday 9th July

Good morning Elm class - we do hope you're all keeping well and are continuing to work through the home learning tasks. We do appreciate how hard it is to keep going. Apologies for forgetting to link the maths activities yesterday - we got a little carried away creating the accuracy certificates that we just clean forgot! 

Here's the plan for today:


We had 9 out of 25 children complete the session challenge.

Well done to:

Saphia Gravilicious

Beth Becker

Liam Hodges

Sargent Sam

Carlon Langford

Oz Reis

Robbin Steele

Sasha Sargent

Tolga Night

Please play for fifteen minutes this morning. Could you all complete a studio session today?

Here are the maths activities:

Y2&Y3 - Time - Digital and Analogue

Y4 - Convert kg to g / g to kg


Congratulations, your story has been given the front page! Wow! Today we'd like you to begin typing up your newspaper report and insert the images.  We've allowed two sessions - today and tomorrow to fully type, format and print your finished reports. Here's a copy of the newspaper template:

Newspaper Report Template


Please choose from the topic tasks about Brazil that we sent you yesterday. They're linked in yesterday's resources too.

As always, please remember to send us photos of your amazing work. We'd love to see some of your finished carnival masks / outfits.


 Wednesday 8th July

Good morning Elm class and welcome to Wednesday's plan:


Very well done to 7 of the Elm Bubble children for completing all of their sessions 36 hours ahead of time. Your recall speed and accuracy are improving immensely and you should all feel really proud of your progress with your tables. A very special shout out to the following band members:

'Sasha Sargent' and 'Robbin Steele'

For achieving 95% accuracy in their x tables

Accuracy Certificate - Sasha Sargent - EH

Accuracy Certificate - Robbin Steele - EC

Please begin your maths time with 15 minutes on TT rock stars - there's still plenty of time left for you all to complete the challenge.


Hopefully, you've all written four paragraphs for your newspaper report on the Sasquatch sightings and you still have your plan with your photograph information, captions and headline. Today we'd like you to put on your editing hats and check the report before it goes to the printer tomorrow.

1. Please read it through, out loud to check for sense and punctuation.

2. Can you uplevel any of your word choices?

3. Finally, read it a word at a time from the end back to the beginning. This way your brain only focuses on the spelling of each word. How many words can you correct?

Great work! We can't wait to read them :)

Elm Bubble Has Talent:

This afternoon we're going to focus on making props and practicing for the talent show that we're holding next Wednesday. So far our programme includes: singing, dance/gym routines, jokes, comedy sketches, football skills, story writing,  magic tricks and keyboard playing. We're so excited!

Please use your time to practice for either your sports event or talent show. We need to be ready for next Wednesday.


Here are this week's Topic tasks to explore in the afternoons whilst we continue to travel around Brazil!

Brazil Topic Tasks

Carnival Mask

Carnival PPT

Deforestation PPT

Palm Oil PPT


Have a great day!



Tuesday 7th July

Good morning Elm Explorers and welcome to Tuesday.

Here's our plan for today:


Please complete 15 minutes of session time on TT Rock Stars. Well done to our home learners: Robbin Steele, Adam Das Rock and Baroness McKeon who have all made a great start on their session slots. Can you achieve all 60 before the session closes on Wednesday evening?

Here are your maths activities:

Y2 Tuesday 7th - Multiplication


Y3 Tuesday 7th - Adding 3 digit numbers

Y4 Tuesday 7th - Solve Scaling Problems


How did you get on with writing your paragraphs yesterday? I hope you're as excited about reporting on these sightings as we are.

Today we'd like you to focus on writing your commentary and concluding paragraphs. Don't forget to include some of your quotes.... Here's a brilliant one from one of the Elm bubble children today:

"When I saw the big, hairy Sasquatch run from the forest I nearly pooped my pants!" said Jerry (42)

By the end of your time today you should have your overall plan and have drafted four paragraphs.


This afternoon we're heading outside to learn some new tennis skills. Perhaps you could try some at home if you have a racket and ball. We're focusing on ball control, racket grip and wrist strength. Could you see how many times you can bounce the ball on the racket - keep it under control! 

If you don't have any tennis equipment, don't worry - choose any physical activity this afternoon. Bike riding, football skills, catch, obstacle courses, walking, running, park time, indoor challenges, skipping.... so many to choose from!

 Have a terrific Tuesday!



Monday 6th July

Good morning Elm class and welcome to another week of home learning, our penultimate of the term, and another new continent. Look out for the email that will be landing in your inbox this morning with details of the next leg of our adventure.

Letter to Travel to South America

We do hope you all enjoyed your weekends. What did you all get up to? Anyone first in the queue for a haircut?

Here's our plan for today:


15 minutes on TT Rock Stars, please. Remember we'll be online in class, as usual, between 9 and 9.15. Do please swing by if you can, it's always lovely to see you!

Y2&Y3 Monday 6th - Doubles and Halves

Y4 Monday 6th - Use knowledge of tables & place value to divide multiples of 10



After all our careful preparation and planning last week, we should now have everything we need to write our first draft of our newspaper report. We're going to begin by reviewing our notes. Please can you do the same?

Once you're happy you've covered all the main parts of your report in your plan it's time to start writing each of your paragraphs. Please use some lined paper to draft your introductory and main paragraphs today. Remember to compose it a sentence at a time - say it out loud to make sure it makes sense! Please take your time to think about how to use all that wonderful information in your plan to create the best couple of paragraphs you can whilst also remembering to make it sound like a news report. There's a lot to think about so please, take your time and we'll draft the second half tomorrow.


Now that we have travelled south to South America it's time to turn our attention to a new artist. This week we are going to be looking at the brilliant self-portrait work of the amazing Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo.

We are going to begin by finding out a little more about her watching this youTube video:

YouTube - Frida Kahlo

You could then take a peek at some of her artwork in this PPT. 

Frida Kahlo PPT 06.07.2020

And finally, have a go at either a portrait of her or one of yourself in her style:

Frida Kahlo

We'd love to share your finished portraits on our webpage so please remember to take a pic and send it to us.

Have a great day!



Friday 3rd July

Good morning Elm class and happy Friday! Tomorrow marks the next stage of lifting lockdown. Hairdressers, restaurants, pubs will all be opening. I know lots of us are really looking forward to our first 'real' haircut for months! Do you have some exciting plans for the weekend?

Here's our plan for the day:


Well done to all of you who've made a good start on the Elm Garage Sessions challenge. One player has already completed 18 out of the 60 sessions - WOW!

Fifteen minutes on TT rock stars followed by your maths activity please:

Y2 & Y3 Friday 3rd - Tell the Time

Y4 Friday 3rd - Order Negative Numbers


Today, in class, we're going to use our time to finish our newspaper report plan and source the digital photographs that we need. Please, can you do the same?

We're really looking forward to writing our newspaper reports and can't wait to read about all the Sasquatch sightings. Will they just be confined to our current continent? Or, have you seen one earlier in our travels?


Please use your time this afternoon to finish the biomes work.

Have a great weekend guys and we'll see you on Monday!


Thursday 2nd July

Good morning Elm class and welcome to Thursday. 

Here's the plan for today:


Please play TT Rock Stars for the first fifteen minutes of your maths lesson and then complete your maths activity. We've set you a new session challenge each. Who will succeed?

Y2 & Y3 Thursday 2nd - Days and Months

Y4 Thursday 2nd - Use negative numbers for temperature

Y4 Thursday 2nd PPT


We loved reading the online newspaper reports of the Sasquatch sightings but when we came to look at the features of newspapers we realised how few of us regularly see newspapers. We talked about how the reporting of news has changed over the last 100 years from newspapers through to radio then television and right up to the W.W.W today. Luckily, we have some newspapers in our class reading area so we were able to see, first hand, the real format of a newspaper, in particular the columns. How did you guys get on with this? Were you able to look at a real newspaper?

Today we're going to start planning our own newspaper report. Yes, you are going to report on a Sasquatch sighting during your trip through the U.S :)

Take a look at this as a guide for what your report needs to contain and then use the newspaper report template to plan yours. 

Features of a Newspaper

Spend some time considering your headline. Remember it needs to be catchy and short. Your aim is to draw the reader in. You want them to read your news story.

Please don't write in full sentences just think about your key ideas and make sure you cover the five Ws (who what why when where) 

Washington Post Newspaper TemplateTopic:

Please use your time this afternoon to continue with your U.S biomes activities.

Have a great day!


Wednesday 1st July

Good morning Elm class and Happy 1st of July :)

Here's our plan for today:


You know the drill ;) - 15 minutes on TT Rock Stars followed by your maths activity.

Y2 Wednesday 1st - Subtract by Counting Up


Y3 Wednesday 1st - Times Tables

Y4 Wednesday 1st - Subtract by Counting Up


After seeing such compelling evidence to suggest that the Sasquatch is not just from myths and legends yesterday, we are beginning to think that there is some truth to many of these sightings. Today we're going to look at some real newspaper reports about the Sasquatch to find out more. Here are just a few examples of Sasquatch Sighting reports in newspapers from the U.K. and the U.S.

Bigfoot Sightings The Sun 06.06.2019Mercury News 27.01.2020

Bigfoot - The Sun - 09.12.2019When you have read these, please take a moment to think about the features of a newspaper report. 

Newspaper Reports

And finally, please print the newspaper analysis page and have a go at identifying and labeling the features.

Newspaper Analysis Task


For the remainder of the week we will be looking at biomes. Here is the task and some resources to help you:

Geography Biomes Task

 Biomes PPT

Desert Biomes PPT

Intrepid Explorers Biomes

Have a fabulous day!



Tuesday 30th June

Good morning - we're all super excited to be exploring North America this week and very intrigued by the Sasquatch sightings we read about yesterday. More about that later. Here's our plan for today.


15 minutes on TT Rock Stars followed by your maths activity, please.

Y2 Tuesday 30th - Subtract by Counting Up


Y3 Tuesday 30th - Sequences

Y4 Tuesday 30th - Methods for 4 digit subtraction


We were absolutely intrigued by the Sasquatch information we read yesterday. They are enormous!! No wonder they earned the name Big Foot. We recorded all sorts of useful information as we read including what they look like and about their nature. Gentle, intelligent, and keepers of the forest. 

Today we'd like you to watch the following video clips. 

Sasquatch SightingsBest of Bigfootage

Could they exist?What do you think? Could they be more than myth and legend?

Next, please could you label a picture of a Sasquatch?  Use the facts you found out yesterday to help.

You could either draw one of your own or use this:

Labelling a Sasquatch

P.E. / Talent Show / Production

Please use your time this afternoon to continue planning your family sports day or production.  Please be prepared to share some photos or stories about your activities. We can't wait to hear what you've all chosen!

Have a great day guys :)


Monday 29th June

Good morning Elm Explorers, welcome to week 12 and the continuation of our around the world tour. Look out for the email that will be landing in your inboxes this morning with plans for the next stage of our adventure. 

Letter to travel to N.America

Here's our plan for today:


Congratulations to Year 4 for winning the battle of the year group tournament. It was a close one! The final scores were:

*1st* - Year 4: 3374

*2nd* - Year 3: 3241

*3rd* - Year 2: 1591

The results of the home learners' battle are:

*1st* - From Y4 - Baroness McKeon - 1083 points

*2nd* - From Y2 - Robbin Steele - 885 points

*3rd* - From Y3 - Adam Das Rock - 134 points

Here are your MVP certificates.




Please spend 15 minutes on TT Rock Stars and then complete your maths activity.

Y2 Monday 29th - Subtract by Counting Up

Y3 Monday 29th - Count in 4's and 8's

Y4 Monday 29th - Count up to find a price difference




Welcome to Alaska - our first port of call in our new continent.

As we travel through this vast continent you'll need to keep your eyes peeled as there have been numerous sighting of one of the mythical beasts we started studying a few weeks ago. We're not sure if this one is dangerous...

Legend has it that a gigantic wild man covered in shaggy hair who walks upright, leaving huge footprints, roams this continent between Alaska and the Pacific North West. It is said that they can grow larger than two tall humans! And the beast's name? It's Sasquatch.

So that we know what to look out for, we'd like you to spend your English time today researching the Sasquatch and making some notes.

Here are some useful sites to help get you started:

Sasquatch for KidsKiddle Big FootKids Konnect Big Foot

By the end of your English time, you should have some key information about the Sasquatch - what they look like, where they have been seen, etc. Just write keywords and notes.


We're going to spend our afternoon finding out about the American Artist, Andy Warhol who was famous for an art movement called Pop Art. Take a look at this link to Tate for kids video and the PPT to begin to find out more.

What is Pop Art? Tate for Kids

Andy Warhol Presentation

There's loads of great stuff on the Tate for Kids website - why not spend some more time just browsing. :)

Have a great day!













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