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Welcome Back Elm Class!

Summer Term 2020 - 2nd Half


 Check out how great these mini sagas are and the planning involved! We've had the privilege of seeing the editing involved too and know how hard it was to cut out all that lovely language we so often encourage you to use. So well done for excellent editing skills! Some of you have impressively stuck to the 50 word limit, some of you decided to throw it out of the window ;) What a scary sounding Bloodbottler! These beasts are amazing!



UPDATE: Thursday 2nd July

Good morning Elm class and welcome to Thursday. 

Here's the plan for today:


Please play TT Rock Stars for the first fifteen minutes of your maths lesson and then complete your maths activity. We've set you a new session challenge each. Who will succeed?

Y2 & Y3 Thursday 2nd - Days and Months

Y4 Thursday 2nd - Use negative numbers for temperature

Y4 Thursday 2nd PPT


We loved reading the online newspaper reports of the Sasquatch sightings but when we came to look at the features of newspapers we realised how few of us regularly see newspapers. We talked about how the reporting of news has changed over the last 100 years from newspapers through to radio then television and right up to the W.W.W today. Luckily, we have some newspapers in our class reading area so we were able to see, first hand, the real format of a newspaper, in particular the columns. How did you guys get on with this? Were you able to look at a real newspaper?

Today we're going to start planning our own newspaper report. Yes, you are going to report on a Sasquatch sighting during your trip through the U.S :)

Take a look at this as a guide for what your report needs to contain and then use the newspaper report template to plan yours. 

Features of a Newspaper

Spend some time considering your headline. Remember it needs to be catchy and short. Your aim is to draw the reader in. You want them to read your news story.

Please don't write in full sentences just think about your key ideas and make sure you cover the five Ws (who what why when where) 

Washington Post Newspaper TemplateTopic:

Please use your time this afternoon to continue with your U.S biomes activities.

Have a great day!


Wednesday 1st July

Good morning Elm class and Happy 1st of July :)

Here's our plan for today:


You know the drill ;) - 15 minutes on TT Rock Stars followed by your maths activity.

Y2 Wednesday 1st - Subtract by Counting Up


Y3 Wednesday 1st - Times Tables

Y4 Wednesday 1st - Subtract by Counting Up


After seeing such compelling evidence to suggest that the Sasquatch is not just from myths and legends yesterday, we are beginning to think that there is some truth to many of these sightings. Today we're going to look at some real newspaper reports about the Sasquatch to find out more. Here are just a few examples of Sasquatch Sighting reports in newspapers from the U.K. and the U.S.

Bigfoot Sightings The Sun 06.06.2019Mercury News 27.01.2020

Bigfoot - The Sun - 09.12.2019When you have read these, please take a moment to think about the features of a newspaper report. 

Newspaper Reports

And finally, please print the newspaper analysis page and have a go at identifying and labeling the features.

Newspaper Analysis Task


For the remainder of the week we will be looking at biomes. Here is the task and some resources to help you:

Geography Biomes Task

 Biomes PPT

Desert Biomes PPT

Intrepid Explorers Biomes

Have a fabulous day!



Tuesday 30th June

Good morning - we're all super excited to be exploring North America this week and very intrigued by the Sasquatch sightings we read about yesterday. More about that later. Here's our plan for today.


15 minutes on TT Rock Stars followed by your maths activity, please.

Y2 Tuesday 30th - Subtract by Counting Up


Y3 Tuesday 30th - Sequences

Y4 Tuesday 30th - Methods for 4 digit subtraction


We were absolutely intrigued by the Sasquatch information we read yesterday. They are enormous!! No wonder they earned the name Big Foot. We recorded all sorts of useful information as we read including what they look like and about their nature. Gentle, intelligent, and keepers of the forest. 

Today we'd like you to watch the following video clips. 

Sasquatch SightingsBest of Bigfootage

Could they exist?What do you think? Could they be more than myth and legend?

Next, please could you label a picture of a Sasquatch?  Use the facts you found out yesterday to help.

You could either draw one of your own or use this:

Labelling a Sasquatch

P.E. / Talent Show / Production

Please use your time this afternoon to continue planning your family sports day or production.  Please be prepared to share some photos or stories about your activities. We can't wait to hear what you've all chosen!

Have a great day guys :)


Monday 29th June

Good morning Elm Explorers, welcome to week 12 and the continuation of our around the world tour. Look out for the email that will be landing in your inboxes this morning with plans for the next stage of our adventure. 

Letter to travel to N.America

Here's our plan for today:


Congratulations to Year 4 for winning the battle of the year group tournament. It was a close one! The final scores were:

*1st* - Year 4: 3374

*2nd* - Year 3: 3241

*3rd* - Year 2: 1591

The results of the home learners' battle are:

*1st* - From Y4 - Baroness McKeon - 1083 points

*2nd* - From Y2 - Robbin Steele - 885 points

*3rd* - From Y3 - Adam Das Rock - 134 points

Here are your MVP certificates.




Please spend 15 minutes on TT Rock Stars and then complete your maths activity.

Y2 Monday 29th - Subtract by Counting Up

Y3 Monday 29th - Count in 4's and 8's

Y4 Monday 29th - Count up to find a price difference




Welcome to Alaska - our first port of call in our new continent.

As we travel through this vast continent you'll need to keep your eyes peeled as there have been numerous sighting of one of the mythical beasts we started studying a few weeks ago. We're not sure if this one is dangerous...

Legend has it that a gigantic wild man covered in shaggy hair who walks upright, leaving huge footprints, roams this continent between Alaska and the Pacific North West. It is said that they can grow larger than two tall humans! And the beast's name? It's Sasquatch.

So that we know what to look out for, we'd like you to spend your English time today researching the Sasquatch and making some notes.

Here are some useful sites to help get you started:

Sasquatch for KidsKiddle Big FootKids Konnect Big Foot

By the end of your English time, you should have some key information about the Sasquatch - what they look like, where they have been seen, etc. Just write keywords and notes.


We're going to spend our afternoon finding out about the American Artist, Andy Warhol who was famous for an art movement called Pop Art. Take a look at this link to Tate for kids video and the PPT to begin to find out more.

What is Pop Art? Tate for Kids

Andy Warhol Presentation

There's loads of great stuff on the Tate for Kids website - why not spend some more time just browsing. :)

Have a great day!



Friday 26th June

Good Morning and welcome to Friday's plan


Year 3 remain the year group leaders in the TT tournament with 2,686 points but Y4 are very close behind with an impressive 2,485 points. It really is anyone's game at the moment!

Mini Home Learner challenge results so far - who'll be the winner at the end of the week?

1st - Y4 - Baroness McKeon

2nd - Y2 - Robbin Steele

3rd - Y3 - Adam Das Rock

Please begin your maths with 15 minutes on TT - you could complete a studio session to see if your speed has improved. Then your maths activity:

Y2 Friday 26th - Money

Y3 Friday 26th - 2D shapesY4 Friday 27th - Investigate Area and Perimeter



We're absolutely loving your mini-sagas. Thank you so much to everyone who has already sent us theirs. You did work hard yesterday to publish too! 

Today we're going to publish our work and add some illustrations. Please, take one last look at your spelling and punctuation. Could you ask an adult or an older brother or sister to help? When you're happy with it, please, handwrite it in your best writing. Then add some illustrations. Please email your finished mini-sagas to us and we'll add them to the website.


Geography / RE:

Please pick one of the activities we listed yesterday.


Have a fantastic weekend and we'll see you Monday :)



Thursday 25th June

Good morning and happy Thursday! Here's our plan for today:


Really great to see 'Robin Steele' back and 'Adam Das Rock' and 'Baroness McKeon' join the tournament on TT Rock Stars today - that's one home learner in each year group - great work guys! Do I feel a year group, home learner challenge beginning here? 

Please spend 15 minutes playing TT Rock Stars followed by your maths activity.

Y2 Thursday 25th - Money

Y3 Thursday 25th - 2D shapes

Y4 Thursday 25th - Perimeter of Rectilinear Shapes


Great story writing yesterday! Can you count how many words you've written? Don't include the title. What did you get? 125? 80? 97? 

Today we're going to try and get our word count as close to 50 as we can. And for some of us that will be hard as we've written some amazing sentences. Let's look at how we can do it.

We've tried to demonstrate using a written example. 


Please use your time today to have a go at editing your word count. Use a highlighter just like in the example and redraft your final piece ready to publish tomorrow. 

We can't wait to read some of your amazing mini-sagas!


RE involves finding out more about Buddhism

RE - Buddhism Task


Geography this week is all about making a Visitor Information Leaflet

Visitor Info Leaflet

Leaflet Template 1

Leaflet Template 2

Don't forget these China Tasks if you're looking for anything else to do:

China Tasks

Have a great day!


Wednesday 24th June

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday's plan:


Things are looking good for the Year 3's in the current year group battle running on TT Rock Stars, they're currently in the lead with 1427 points. 

Well done to 'Robin Steele' for his top class, rock act from home! So far you've racked up 224 points towards the year 2 total and you're ranking as the year 2's MVP. Excellent work - keep it up :)

Please begin your maths with 15 minutes on TT Rock Stars, followed by your maths activity.

Y2 & Y3 Wednesday 24th - Telling Time to 5 Minutes

Y4 Wednesday 24th - Perimeter of Rectangles



We hope you all enjoyed planning your mini-saga as much as we did. Today we're going to use our story plan ideas to write our mini-saga. Look at your plan for the beginning. Handwrite your ideas into the best three or four sentences you can. Do the same for the middle and the ending. As you're only writing up to 12 sentences, we'd like you to edit for spelling and punctuation today, please. 

Remember a mini-saga is a very short story - just write no more than four sentences for each part. Don't worry too much about being exact today though - we're going to look at editing the word count tomorrow.

Happy storytelling :)


This afternoon we're continuing with our Turtle Academy - we're going to take another look at the pen up / pen down and have a go at programming some algorithms before writing some of our own. 

Here's the link to the Academy and a copy of the activities we're going to try. If you're feeling confident, head straight to the playground tab to begin programming. If you'd like another look at the Pen Up / Pen Down lesson, stay in the lessons area and select lesson 2.

Turtle Academy




Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning Elm class. We hope you are all well and getting on ok with your home learning tasks. Please, remember we're just at the end of an email if you need any support or to send us your work. We love seeing what you've been up to. The key worker group uses our class page every day so they get to see what you've been doing. We took some photos of our Kandinsky work on Friday to share with you all - just need to get them from the iPad to the website ;) Perhaps, that could be my challenge for tomorrow?!

Here's our plan for today:


15 minutes on TT rock stars followed by your maths activity, please. 

Y2 / Y3 Tuesday 23rd - Time To 5 minutes

Y4 - Tuesday 23rd - Column Subtraction 4 digits


We designed some pretty awesome beasts in class yesterday, from a three-headed snake to a winged bearcat. How would you describe your beast? 

Today we're going to plan our mini sagas. Please download and print this planning template or, if you don't have access to a printer, divide a piece of A4 into three sections and handwrite the heading and subheadings.


Now think, how is your mini-saga going to begin? Could you start with a question? A short description? Take a look at these outstanding openings ideas for some inspiration.


Now, what's going to happen in the middle? A battle? Magical events? Think back to all the myths and legends we've looked at recently for some help.  And finally, in the end?  Remember this is your ideas so you don't need to worry about handwriting or spelling today - just focus on your ideas! But, remember your mini sage must be a complete story. Just a very short one.

Great job - that's the main character designed, qualities and powers chosen, and now the story planned. Check back tomorrow for what to do next.


After some independent reading to begin the afternoon, we're going to head outside for a PE session. Perhaps you could use your time this afternoon to continue planning your own sports day, summer production or take a look at the Blue Peter Badge information that we sent you last week? We'd love to hear about any Blue Peter Badge entries! :) 


Monday 22nd June

Good morning Elm class and welcome to week 11 of home learning. We can't believe how long it has been since we've seen you. We're really missing you all but love receiving your photos showing us what you've been doing.

Here's our plan for today:


There's a new year group tournament starting on TT Rock Stars this week. Please, begin your lesson by playing for 15 minutes. All the points you earn will help us in our challenge.

Then, please, complete your year group maths activity. We're combining years two and three for the first three days this week as we learn to tell the time together. 

Y2 & Y3 Monday 22nd - Telling the Time to the 1/4 hour

Y2 & Y3 PPT

Y4 Monday 22nd - Column Subtraction



We hope you enjoyed reading the mini sagas during Friday's lesson and that you thought about why the author had chosen to use certain words or phrases. We thought the sentence 'Fishing only when they wanted to eat' just made it sound amazing. Like the perfect lifestyle. Just those few words made us picture so much! What images did it conjure up for you?

So what exactly is a mini saga? Well, it's a piece of writing which has exactly 50 words. Yes, just 50! But this doesn't include the title. A mini saga has to tell a story and have a beginning, middle and end. It can't just be a description of something.

Did you know the first mini sagas appeared in 1982 in the Sunday Telegraph, one of our newspapers? They announced the idea of a mini saga and held a competition for the best ones. We've been writing mini sagas ever since!

Mini sagas are easy to read and a wonderful creative writing task plus they only have to have 50 words although we may need to write a few more than that, to begin with.

This week we're going to plan, write, edit and publish our own.

Today we'd like you to begin by designing, colouring and labeling your own mythical beast. We hope that all the mythical creatures we looked at last week will help you with your ideas. You could also think about the mythical beasts you've seen in movies such as the Star Wars Saga, Harry Potter, or books such as Beast Quest to help you with your design.

Please draw your beast in the middle of an A4 page. Think about all those features and qualities your creature will have. When you have drawn it please label it - here's an example to help you:

Brainstorm Adjectives                            Using a Thesaurus

Please keep your work somewhere safe and we'll need it later in the week.


We always begin our afternoons at school with some reading. At the moment we are listening to Demon Dentist by David Walliams and we all spend some time reading our own books. Please keep up with your reading at home too! Have you discovered any exciting new books during lockdown? We'd love to hear about them.


This afternoon we are going to have a go at combining some artistic ideas linked to our learning last week. We're looking again at St Basil's Catherdral but rather than a step by step drawing in pencil, we're going to draw our own representation using marker pen focusing on line and pattern. Then, we're going to add some Kandinsky style sky. Take a look at our aim:

Kandinsky Palace ComboKandinsky Palace Combo 2



Friday 19th June

Good morning Elm class and happy Friday! We have absolutely loved our Russian exploration this week and are thoroughly enjoying our myths and legends theme in English! We do hope you are.

Here's our plan for today:


Please begin your maths session with 15 minutes on TT Rock Stars. Could you all take one visit to the studio to check in with your speeds, please?  We've had a lot of movement on the Rockers Board this week in the classroom, we'd love to move your avatar up too! Mrs. Holt always checks the stats on a Monday morning and moves the avatars if we've achieved the next level.

Then, please complete your year group maths activity:

Y2 Friday 19th - 3D Shape

Y3 Friday 19th - Finding Fractions of Amounts

Y4 Friday 19th - Finding the Area


Today, we're going to be looking at a mini-sagas. Please read these either to yourself or to an adult or an older sibling if they have time. As you read, think about the word and phrase choices the author has made that capture the readers' imagination, You could do the first one with a grown-up and then you should read and think about the other two independently. 

Here are the mini-sagas:

Mini Sagas

Which one of the mini sagas did you like best? Please can you write the reasons why you like it? Remember to refer back to the text as you write and remember to write in full sentences.

Art / Music:

We couldn't come to Russia and not find out about one of their most famous artists, could we? So, this afternoon we are going to be looking at some of the fantastic work by the artist Kandinsky and exploring our feelings through some art whilst we listen to music.

Please, take some time this afternoon to find out more about this amazing painter, the pioneer of abstract art.


Take a look at this PowerPoint to help you:

Kadinsky Feeling Art

Have an amazing weekend Elm class and remember to stay safe - keep that 2m distance if you're heading out!


Thursday 18th June

Good morning Elm Class and welcome to Thursday's update. 

We loved listening to the story of Masha and the Firebird yesterday, in fact, we're all quite captivated by these mythical beasts. We created some beautiful eggs which we will photograph to show you all! Please send us yours.

Here's the plan for today:


15 minutes on TT Rock Stars please, followed by your maths activity. We'll be online between 9 and 9.15am at the Woodstock Festival. Looking forward to seeing you there! 

Year four's that were in school yesterday were mixed in their views on which method they liked best for subtraction. Which did you prefer? 

Y2 Thursday 18th - 3D shape


Y3 Thursday 18th - Finding Fractions of Amounts

Y4 Thursday 18th - Finding The Area of Rectangles



Today, we're going to read the story 'Finn MacCool and the Giant's Causeway' This is the story of Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn MacCool), an Irish mythical hunter-warrior who features in Irish myths. Legend has it he built the Giant's Causeway as stepping-stones to Scotland.

Year Two, you will need some help to read this. 

Can you all ask about any words that you don't understand?

Here's a copy of the story and the questions:


Please handwrite your answers on paper and remember to write in full sentences.


This afternoon, we're going to spend our time exploring the physical geography of Russia. When you have finished finding out about the biomes of Russia, why not use your knowledge as inspiration for some art work - collage or painting of the coniferous forest with an Amur Tiger hidden in the background?  Use these resources to help:

Physical Geography of Russia PPT

Map_of_Russia_Activity_Sheet.Russia's Biomes Activity Sheet Black_and_White

Alongside your challenge to create a Summer Production or Sports Day (maybe not today with this soggy weather!) at home, we thought we'd challenge you to see if you could apply for a Blue Peter badge. Check out the website and see if any of them interest you. Maybe you could write a story or poem about lockdown or draw a picture of something you've been doing?


Wednesday 17th June

Good morning Elm class. Here's the plan for today:


As usual please, 15 minutes on TT Rock Stars followed by your maths activity. 

Y2 Wednesday 17th - Fractions of Amounts

Y3 Wednesday 17th - Find the Difference

Y4 Wednesday 17th - Different Ways to Subtract


We were intrigued by the mythical beasts of Charybdis and Kingtian and chose to look at those in more detail in class, yesterday. Which one interested you the most? After looking at the beasts, we are beginning to think about the range of features that our own beasts may possess. More about that next week...

Today we are going to study a few more of the beasts. Again, we will each choose our favourite from our reading and write features and descriptions around our own picture of a beast. 

Here are some of the additional stories:

Page 4Page 5

English / Art:

COVERWe are beginning our afternoon by listening to the story of Masha and the Firebird by Margaret Bateson-Hill and Anne Wilson. In this version, the author takes elements from Russian folklore to tell the story of a little girl, Masha, who helps to protect the Firebird's magical eggs. It features two amazing mythical creatures: The Firebird and Baba-Yaga.

You can listen to / watch this story here:

Masha and the Firebird

Or take a look at the text here:

 The Firebird PPT

After listening to the story we're going to decorate our own mythical eggs. Did you know, the craft of decorated eggs is widely practised in Europe, especially at Easter! There are many different ways you could do this: dying, painting, drawing, collage. Or a combination!

You could use real eggs. Make sure you hard boil them first! 

You could papier mache an egg shape.

Or you could use a paper template.

Here are some ideas:


Please send us photographs of your wonderful creations :)

Here are some Geography tasks to help find out about the physical Geography of Russia:

Physical Geog of Russia ppt

Map of Russia Activity

Russia's Biomes


Tuesday 16th June

Good morning Elm Class and welcome to Tuesday in Moscow. It's a very respectable 27 degrees here today. Just perfect for some sightseeing before we board our train. We're off for a proper look around St Basil's Cathedral in Red Square. Why not join us?

You Visit Virtual Tour

Here's our plan for the rest of our day:


15 minutes on TT Rock Stars followed by your maths activity:

Y2 Tuesday 16th - Fractions of Amounts

Y2 PPTY3 Tuesday 16th - Counting Up to Give ChangeY3 PPTY4 Tuesday 16th - Column SubtractionEnglish:

We had a wonderful selection of ideas about what could have laid the mystery, mythical egg in the classroom. A three-headed flying dinosaur, a part human, part unicorn centaur style creature were just two of the suggestions. What did you think?

Today we're going to be looking at the amazing book 'The Atlas of Monsters' - A collection of Mythical Creatures from Around the World by Stuart Hill and Sandra Lawrence. Take a look at the front cover...

Front Cover

Do you recognise any of them? Here's a link to a 'flick through' the book. Look at all of those mythical creatures. There are myths and legends about each of them. Today we're going to find out a little more about these mythical beasts. 

The Atlas of Monsters Flick ThroughHere are copies of parts of the pages from the book so you can read about some of these Mythical Creatures. Please aim to read about at least three of the beasts today. 

Atlas of Monsters Page 1Atlas of Monsters Page 2 Atlas of Monsters Page 3

Now, select the one that you are most interested in.  Write your chosen beast's name in the centre of a page and then check what does your beast look like? What are they famous for?  Write keywords and phrases around your beast. You could copy a picture of your beast too :)


Please can you spend your time this afternoon by starting to think about and planning your family sports day or summer production?

Which one are you going to do?

Who is going to take part?

Who is going to be the audience?

Could your whole family take part in some timed sports trials?

Could you run your own family talent show? Each member chooses a song, dance, sketch, jokes etc, and performs it to the audience. You could make your own scorecards, add costumes, make up, write a programme.



Monday 15th June

Good morning Elm Explorers and welcome to week 10 of home learning. We do hope you had a wonderful weekend and are rested but ready for the next part of our journey. Look out for an email this morning with details about our continuing adventure. We're soooo excited :)

Here's the plan for today:


Please start the lesson with fifteen minutes on TT Rock Stars followed by your maths activity.

Y2 Monday 15th - Count in Fraction Steps

Y3 Monday 15th Subtract 3 digit numbers

Y3 PPTY4 Monday 15th Expanded Column SubtractionY4 PPTEnglish:

Whilst out exploring a little more of Australia over the weekend, we discovered this:

Mythical Egg

We took a photograph and then put it straight back. As you can see, it was about the same size as my hand! What do you think it could be? What creature could have laid an egg this size? What do you think is going to hatch? Could it be a three-headed serpent? Or a winged griffin? Or some other marvelous and mythical beast?

For the next two weeks, we are going to be looking at Myths and Legends in English and will be writing our own mini saga based on our very own mythical creatures.

For today's lesson, we would like you to listen to and discuss (if you can) some Myths and Legends from around the world. 

Myths and Legends Collection

Things to think about after you have listened:

  1. Was the myth engaging?
  2. What did you like and dislike about the myth?
  3. Was the ending a surprise?

4. How else could your myth have ended if you were to write it?


Here's a taste of where we're heading next...

St Basil's Cathedral

I'm sure you'll agree that this is some amazing architecture. There's a lot more like this to discover in our next country... Have you guessed it yet? Yes, well done, we're heading to Moscow.

This afternoon in art, we're going to have a go at drawing our own Russian inspired palace. Just look at those amazing onion domes decorated in such vibrant swirls of colour. 

Attached is a PDF, step by step guide on how to draw one but let your creativity take over when it comes to your dome colours and designs. We can't wait to see your designs. 

Russian Building Step By Step PDF

We can't wait to arrive and see some more :)

Until later fellow explorers.

TT Rock Stars MVP Certificates

Amazing effort Elm Rockers - we earned a total of 5,252 points in the battle against YEW class last week. However, YEW Rock Band seem unstoppable as they finished clear winners with an outstanding 29,652 points!!! We're going to have to up our game if we want to beat them.

Attached are the MVP Certifactes from the tournaments last week and before half term.

MVP ELM vs YEW 14.06.20MVP Y2 vs Y3 24.05.20

MVP Y4 vs Y2 24.05.20

MVP Y3 vs Y4 24.05.20


Friday 12th June

Good morning Elm class and Happy Friday!!

Today marks our final day in amazing Australia. We hope you've enjoyed learning about it as much as we have. 

Here's today's plan:


Please begin with your session on TT Rock Stars. As usual, we'll all be on in class between 9 and 9.15 and we'll be heading to one of the festivals. Well done to everyone who has helped us in our quest to beat YEW class. The tournament is on until Sunday evening. Let's see how many more points we can get.

Y2 Friday 12th - Pictograms

Y3 Friday 12th - TimeY4 Friday 12th - Using CommutativityEnglish:

So far, you have researched your chosen animal, planned your fact file, written your first draft, and edited / uplevelled this. For today's activity, you need to publish your work.

You can either write this out in your best handwriting or you can type it into MS Word.

You should also add illustrations of your chosen animal to make your fact file look really eye-catching. Don't forget to underline your heading and subheadings.

Please could you email your finished fact files (take a photo if you've handwritten it) to so that we can share your amazing work with the rest of the class in one of our photo galleries? Thank you! We can't wait to read them.


An afternoon to finish exploring the topic ideas or create that pack of TOP TRUMPS. :)



Thursday 11th June

Good morning Elm Explorers and welcome to another strangely wet day, down under!

How are those animal fact files looking? We made a great start on ours, in class, today but most of us aren't anywhere near finished our first draft.

Here's our plan for today:

Geography/Topic work to help you discover more about the wonderful landscapes of Australia

Physical Features of Australia


Fifteen minutes on TT Rock Stars please, followed by your maths activity.

Y2 Thursday 11th - Block Graphs

Y3 Thursday 11th - Time

Y4 Thursday 11th - Using Factors


So far, you have researched your chosen animal, planned your fact file, and then written your first draft. For today's activity, you need to edit and uplevel your work so go back to your written draft from yesterday.

1) Check that your sentences make sense.

2) Punctuation - capital letters (at the start of a sentence and names), full stops, commas for a list, apostrophes, question marks, exclamation marks.

3) Spelling - read your work backwards to help you spot any spelling mistakes.

4) Uplevelling - do you want to make any additions? (adverbs, adjectives). Do you want to take anything away? Do you want to make any revisions? Can you write your last sentence any better?

Once you're happy with your work can you share it with an adult? Can they make one suggestion to help you make it even better? Now put it somewhere safe ready for tomorrow :)


In class, we're going to be having another go at dot painting but this time we're going to try handprints and explore the idea of circles and swirls of dots. 

Or you could always choose one of the other topic related activities from either this week or last week.



Wednesday 10th June

Good morning Elm class - apologies that this is late this morning. The school website wouldn't let us in last night - I guess they were updating things at a server level...

Here's the plan for today:

How about making your own Australian animal themed Top Trumps to entertain your household during this grey and wet interlude in the weather! 

Blank Top Trumps Cards



Again, please begin today's maths lesson by logging on to TT Rock Stars and playing for 15 minutes. We'll be on in class between 9 and 9.15am. Hope to see some of you there.

Then, please complete your year group maths activity.

Y2 Wednesday 10th - Counting Back to SubtractY3 Wednesday 10th - TimeY4 Wednesday 10th - Column Addition


So far, you have researched about your chosen animal and written your plan. For today's activity, you need to use your plan to write your fact file. This is your first draft so you DO NOT need to self edit or publish yet.

Make sure you include the features of a fact file~:



-third person pronouns (they, it, their)

-factual information

- technical language

-pictures with captions

-possessive apostrophes i.e the cat's tail.

We can't wait to see / read your finished fact files!

(I'll update what we're up to this afternoon at lunchtime. Have a great morning everyone!!!) 


Tuesday 9th June

G'day Elm Explorers and welcome to Tuesday. We hope you all enjoyed beginning to find out about some of the amazing, Australian animals. We were blown away by the fact that a Duck-Billed Platypus lays eggs the size of a bean! I wonder what other amazing facts we'll learn today?

Here's today's plan:


Please can everyone start by logging in to TT Rock Stars and playing for 15 minutes? We'll be on in class between 9 and 9.15 am, so swing by then if you fancy joining us at a festival. There are also some new tournaments running all of this week - it seems it might be quite a challenge to beat YEW class. Huge apologies for not having updated you on the last one. We'll get those MVP certificates sent out ASAP.
Y2 Tuesday 9th - Counting Back to Subtract

Y3 Tuesday 9th - Subtraction

Y4 Tuesday 9th - Column AdditionEnglish:

Yesterday you chose which animals you would like to find out about and began your research by creating a mind map of keywords. 

Do you remember when we planned our fact sheets on polar bears, we recorded our research on a plan? This helped us when we came to write so that we had clear sentences and paragraphs, correctly used sub-headings, and organised our facts. 

Today, we'd like you to continue to research your chosen animal using books and the internet. Remember to use searches such as 'kangaroo facts for kids' so that the information is both safe and not too tricky to read.

Record any useful information on your plan. Remember, you do NOT need to write in full sentences today, just write the key facts or words such as 'marsupial' 'joey' etc.

Here's a copy of the planning grid:

Australian Animal Fact File Plan


For the next few weeks, we're going to be learning or for some of our older children, revisiting coding using the amazing, free, online Turtle Academy. We'll learn the basics of how to move the turtle and draw some amazing shapes by using the language of LOGO. We'll have to make sure we're accurate with our code otherwise the turtle won't understand. It's always a good idea to double-check it before you hit RUN!

The link below will take you directly to the Turtle Academy lessons. Please aim to complete lessons 1 and 2 this week.

Turtle Academy Lessons


Monday 8th June

Good morning Elm class and welcome to week 9 of home learning and another week of Australian inspired learning tasks.

This week we're going to be doing things slightly differently so please, read on to find out more.

As the number of key worker children has increased, alongside the return of most of our Year 6's we are finding it incredibly difficult to access the same learning activities in school as we're providing for home due to our limited amount of laptops and tablets. This week, therefore, we're not going to be using the Hamilton Trust home learning packs for English as this also has the added complication of individuals needing access to resources on YouTube. Instead, each day we'll write our English activity directly onto the website along with any links or resources you might need.  These activities have been planned with all our year groups in mind. If however, you would like to continue with the Hamilton Trust lessons then please feel free to do so. You can find them all by logging on directly to their website at:

Once you're in the Home Learning Pack area of the website, simply navigate to the correct year group in English and select the week 9 activities and resources.


Y2 Monday 8th June - Finding the Difference

Y2 PPTY3 Monday 8th June - AdditionY3 PPTY4 Monday 8th June - Column AdditionEnglish:

Throughout this week your English task will be to write an Australian animal fact-file.

Today, we'd like you to begin by watching this short video on 11 amazing animals that are native to Australia. Please just watch and enjoy it the first time.

Amazing Australian Animals

Now, for today's task, you need to choose one of these animals that you would like to find out more about.

Rewatch the section of today's video that features your chosen animal and record any useful information about your animal using a mind map. Remember that you only need to write down keywords and not in complete sentences when you are note-taking. 

Keep your notes ready for the lesson tomorrow.


Continuing on from our learning about Aboriginal Dream Stories and Stones, this week we're going to look more closely at the wonderful style of Aboriginal Art. Please take a look at the PPT for some inspirational art and instructions on how to create a piece of your own. We have also included some animal templates that you can use.

An Introduction to Aboriginal ArtAboriginal Animal Templates

 As always, please remember to share your work with us via email.

We love to see what you've been doing :)

We've been receiving some examples of your Art already and we're blown away by how incredible they are - keep up the great work Elm Class!




Friday 5th June

Good morning Elm Class and happy Friday! The end of another week of adventures and we've still got lots of time to explore this amazing county. 

We've had a few more photos and news of story stones and Aboriginal Art work - so great to see!

Here are the learning packs for English and maths.


Y2 Friday 5th June - Carroll Diagrams

Y3 Friday 5th - Fractions of Quantities

Y4 Friday 5th - Sorting Quadrilaterals


Y2 Friday 5th - Diary Writing

Y3 Friday 5th - Poetry

**Year 3** - You'll also need to look back at the tenses PowerPoint from Wednesday's lesson and the Poetry PPT from yesterday.

Y4 Friday 5th - Poetry

Have an amazing weekend guys!


Thursday 4th June

Good morning Elm Explorers and welcome to another fine day on our adventure.

We can't wait to see some more of your story stones and hearing your tales :)

Keep up the great work!!

You should have had an email land in your inboxes this morning with some resources to support sharing the text The Water Witcher. Here are some links just in case:

The Water Witcher Tasks

Droughts in Australia

 What an amazingly strong boat! - very well done :)


Y2 Thursday 4th June - Venn Diagrams

Y2 - PPT

Y3 Thursday 4th June - Fractions of Quantities

Y4 - Thursday 4th June - Angles in Quadrilaterals


Y2 Thursday 4th June - Diary planning

Y3 Thursday 4th June - Poetry

Y3 Robert_Louis_Stevenson_Poems.ppt

Y4 Thursday 4th June - Poetry

Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning Elm Class and welcome to Wednesday. After our long trip last night and today, we sure are glad that we've docked at Bali for the next 24 hours. Let's explore.... 

Why not take a virtual tour around this beautiful province using Google Earth. Did you know that Bali is part of the coral triangle? The waters of Bali are home to thousands of beautiful underwater creatures such as Nudibranchs. They are one of the most fascinating and brightest underwater animals ever! There are over 3,000 different species of Nudibranchs.

Here are some Topic tasks for this week:

Dreaming Tasks

Dreaming Stories Info


Here are today's home learning packs for English and maths.


Y2 Wednesday 3rd - Multiplication and Division

Y3 Wednesday 3rd - Expanded and Compact Addition


Y4 Wednesday 3rd - Angles in Triangles


Y2 Wednesday 3rd - Verbs and Tenses

Y3 Wednesday 3rd - TensesY3 PPTY4 Wednesday 3rd - Ananse Story Writing


Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning and happy Tuesday Elm Class. 

How lovely to see so many of you at the port yesterday evening ready to set sail on our next adventure. We're wondering how your boat designs are coming along as we sail away to our first stopover, Bali. How long do you think it will take us to get there?

Here are your home learning packs for English and Maths.



Y2 Tuesday 2nd - Division as the opposite of Multiplication


Y3 Tuesday 2nd - Addition

Y4 Tuesday 2nd - Multiplication



Y2 Tuesday 2nd - Diary of a Wombat

Y3 Tuesday 2nd - Sword in the Stone - Paragraphs

Y4 Tuesday 2nd - Ananse - Adverbials

Y4 Adverbials PPT


Monday 1st June 

Good morning Elm Class and welcome back to the second half of the summer term. We do hope that you all had an amazing half term and took a break from your learning to relax, have fun and stay safe. And, what a half term! Blue skies and beautiful sunny days. What adventures did you all have?

Today we are beginning the first phase of opening up schools to Year R, 1, 6, and more children from Key Worker families. We can't wait to see you :)

Unfortunately, this means that for another couple of weeks, most of Elm class will be continuing with the home learning via the website as we're years 2, 3 and 4. 

We are travelling down under to a new continent... have you guessed? Yes, Australasia! Here are some tasks to kick start this part of our journey:

Letter to travel to Australia

Design a Boat Activity

Design a Boat STEM


Here are the home learning packs for today:


Y2 - Monday 1st June - Multiplication

Y3 - Monday 1st June - Addition

Y3 - PPT

Y4 - Monday 1st June - Grid Multiplication

Y4 - PPT


Y2 - Monday 1st June - Reading ComprehensionY3 - Monday 1st June - Reading Comprehension

Y4 - Monday 1st June - Reading Comprehension



Our topic for this term is 'Around the World in 80 days!' Each day we'll upload some activity ideas linked to this plus the Hamilton Trust Home Learning Packs for English and maths which include resources. 

We've already received some excellent work relating to our new topic. We're so pleased to hear how excited you all are about it! 

We've had emails about a lot of you cooking and we are very impressed by all of the new skills you are developing! Someone has also learned to ride their bike without stabilisers!

Such great achievements Elm Class - well done! 





ELM Class VE Day Celebrations 

How were your VE Day celebrations? Please do send us your pictures and we'll add them to the gallery.

Friday 22nd May

Good morning Elm class and welcome to Friday and our final day of home learning for this half term. 

We've been very busy in school this week getting things ready for the phased return which, as you know, will begin with our Reception and Year 1 children from Ash class and our Year 6's from Yew class. Don't worry though Elm class, even though we'll both be back in school, we'll still be setting all our online learning activities, daily, on the website and of course, we're just an email away if you need any help, support or to share your amazing work. And please don't worry, all the work we set will be the same for the children who are in school as for those who are continuing to work from home.

We hope you all have an awesome half term holiday and we look forward to hearing all your exciting stories.


TT Rock Stars

WOW! It's such a close tournament. Everytime we looked yesterday a different year group had edged into the lead. The score board currently looks like this:

YEAR 2: 1559 points

YEAR 3: 1646 points

YEAR 4: 2011 points

Don't forget, the tournament runs until 7pm on Sunday so there's still plenty of time to make a difference to your team's score. Keep Rocking!!!

We'll update you during half term on the overall winners and top rockers :) 

 Here are today's Home Learning Packs:


Y2 Friday 22nd - Time in Seconds

Y3 Friday 22nd - Fractions of Amounts

Y4 Friday 22nd - Symmetrical Shapes


Y2 Friday 22nd - Similies

Y3 Friday 22nd - Metaphors and Similes

Y4 Friday 22nd - Poetry


Thursday 21st May

Good morning Elm Class

TT Rock Stars

WOW, it's really close.... current scores are:

In third place, YEAR 2 with 621 points

In second place, YEAR 4 with 800 points.

Currently in overall first place with 835 points it's YEAR 3

Here are the Home Learning Packs for today:


Y2 Thursday 21st - Capacity

Y3 Thursday 21st - Finding Fractions

Y3 PPT - Finding Fractions

Y4 Thursday 21st - Symmetrical Patterns


Y2 Thursday 21st - Noun Phrases

Y2 PPT - Noun Phrases 2

Y3 Thursday 21st - Poetry

Y4 Thursday 21st - Poetry


Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning Elm class - and welcome to a very sunshiny Wednesday! Don't forget to apply sunscreen if you're heading out to play or for your daily walk.

We'll update you with the TT challenges tomorrow - keep rocking, rock stars!

As always, #staysafe. 

Here are the Home Learning Packs for today:


Y2 Wednesday 20th - Adding two-digit numbers

Y3 Wednesday 20th - Subtraction

Y4 Wednesday 20th - x and ÷


Y2 Wednesday 20th - The girl who cried.... Monster!

Y2 PPT - Noun phrases 1

Y3 Wednesday 20th - Dictionaries

Y4 Wednesday 20th - Descriptive writing


Tuesday 19th May

Good morning Elm class and welcome to Tuesday. It looks like it's going to be another fabulous, sunny day! I think I read that tomorrow is going to be the warmest day this year. Perhaps even 27 degrees! We are truly thankful to have had such beautiful weather, gardens to spend time in, and such wonderful countryside on our doorstep during this very different time.

 TT Rock Stars

Way to go Year 4! You've stormed into the lead for this week's challenge 'Battle of the Year Groups' and three band members have racked up 210 points in just one day. AWESOME!

Come on Year 2 and Year 3, there's plenty of time to make a come back. 

Here are the learning packs for today - apologies for the incorrect link on the website yesterday and thank you for letting us know :)


Y2 Tuesday 19th - Adding 2-digit numbers

Y2 PPT - Adding 2-digit numbers

Y3 Tuesday 19th - Use counting up to subtract

Y3 PPT - Counting up to subtract

Y4 Tuesday 19th - Multiply multiples of 10 and 100


Y2 Tuesday 19th - Possessive apostrophes

Y3 Tuesday 19th - Mario Characters

Y4 Tuesday 19th - Letter writing


Monday 18th May

Good morning Elm Class and welcome to the final week of this half term and our seventh week of home learning. We do hope that you enjoyed your weekend and found some time to do some lovely things with your families.

There are three new battles taking place in TT Rock Stars this week - Battle of the Year Groups. Which year group will come out on top? 

Here are the learning packs for today:


Y2 Monday 18th May - Word Problems 

Y2 Monday 18th May - Word Problems

Y3 Monday 18th May - Subtraction

Y4 Monday 18th May - Multiply by 10s and 100s

Y4 PPT Multiply by multiples of 10 or 100


Y2 Monday 18th May - Reading and Story Planning

Y2 GR - Wild Pets

Y3 Monday 18th May - Mario - Word Classes

Y3 PPT - Word Class

Y4 Monday 18th May - AdverbialsY4 PPT - Adverbials


Friday 15th May

Good morning Elm Class and Happy Friday! We hope you have some lovely plans for the weekend with your families. Perhaps a movie night? Time to explore a new walk? Time to play Xbox or watch some YouTube? Time to finally finish that challenging jigsaw puzzle?  Whatever you choose, have fun! 

Here are the learning packs for today:


Y2 Friday 15th May - WeightY3 Friday 15th May - PerimeterY4 Friday 15th May - Drawing PolygonsEnglish:

Y2 Friday 15th May - Instructions

Y3 Friday 15th May - Harry Potter Reports

Y4 Friday 15th May - Poetry - Adverbials


Thursday 14th May

 Good morning Elm Class! What a beautiful day it is - the sun is shining brightly here - we hope it is with you too. We'll definitely be spending some time in our gardens later. We've been very busy in ours and have planted lots of seeds ready for the summer. Have you been planting seeds too? We'd love to see your gardening so, please, send us some pictures of your seedlings and we'll start a new photo grid.

As always, #staysafe 

For anyone looking for something a bit speedier than Hot Air Balloon, have a got at this mini Science experiment:

Fast Flyers

Hoop Gliders

Here are the learning packs for today:


Y2 Thursday 14th May - Weight

Y3 Thursday 14th May - Perimeter

Y3 PPT Perimeter

Y4 Thursday 14th May - Moving Shapes


Y2 Thursday 14th May - Sentence Types

Y2 PPT - Sentence Types

Y3 Harry Potter - Adverbs

Y3 PPT - Adverbs

Y4 Thursday 14th May - Poetry - Adverbials

Y4 PPT - Adverbials


Wednesday 13th May 

Good morning Elm Class and welcome to Wednesday's home learning activities. 

Here are the learning packs for today:


Y2 Wednesday 13th May - x & ÷

Y3 Wednesday 13th May - Length

Y4 Wednesday 13th May - Co-ordinates

Y4 PPT Co-ordinates


Y2 Wednesday 13th May - Reading Comprehension

Y2 - GR - 'Dream On'

Y3 Wednesday 13th May - Harry Potter Writing

Y4 Wednesday 13th May - Letter Writing


Tuesday 12th May

Good morning Elm class :)

Thank you for sending some of your pictures - we love seeing what you've been busy doing!

Here are the learning packs for today:


Y2 Tuesday 12th May - Division

Y2 PPT - Division

Y3 Tuesday 12th May - + and - Money

Y3 PPT - Money

Y4 Tuesday 12th May - Factors


Y2 Tuesday 12th May - VerbsY3 Tuesday 12th May - Clauses & Conjunctions

Y4 Tuesday 12th May - Manyara's Journey


UPDATE: Monday 11th May 

Good morning Elm Class and welcome to week 6 of home learning activities.

How were your VE Day celebrations? Please do send us your pictures and we'll pop them on the website.

Don't forget we set off for Africa today! How exciting! We hope you're all ready! Maybe you want to think about what you are going to pack? Here's a suitcase for you to illustrate and label with what you will take.

Suitcase to Pack

Here are your home learning packs for today:


Y2 Monday 11th May - MultiplicationY2 PPTY3 Monday 11th May - Ordering MoneyY4 Monday 11th May - 7 x tables


Y2 Monday 11th May - InstructionsY3 Monday 11th May - Clauses and Conjunctions


Y4 Monday 11th May - Mufaro


Friday 8th May

Happy VE Day Elm Class. We're all set and ready. The bunting is made, the cake has been baked and we're looking forward to our planned picnics - at home, of course. What have you got planned? 

Thursday 7th May

Good morning Elm Class - here's your update for Thursday - although we're finding it difficult not to be distracted by the photos of your baking - mmmm,  those sweet treats look amazing! 

We do hope you're having fun getting ready for the VE day celebrations tomorrow. Please remember to send us your photos - we'll take some of ours too :)


Here are today's Home Learning packs from the Hamilton Trust.

Hamilton Trust Home Learning Packs:


Y2 Thursday 7th May - 2D shape

Y3 Thursday 7th May - Time

Y4 Thursday 7th May - 3D shape


Y2 Thursday 7th May - Poetry

Y3 Thursday 7th May - Reading Reports

Y4 Thursday 7th May - Poetry


Wednesday 6th May

Good morning on another beautiful, sunshiny day! We hope you're having fun preparing for your own VE day celebrations on Friday. Please remember to email us photos and we'll add them to our page to share :)

Here are today's Home Learning packs from the Hamilton Trust.

Hamilton Trust Home Learning Packs:


Y2 Wednesday 6th May - + two-digit numbersY3 Wednesday 6th May - TimeY3 PPT - TIMEY4 Wednesday 6th May - Add and Take Away 0.1 and 1Y4 PPT - + - 0.1 and 1English: 

Y2 Wednesday 6th May - Poetry

Y3 Wednesday 6th May - King Midas Y4 Wednesday 6th May - Present Perfect Tense


Tuesday 5th May 

Good morning Elm Class and happy Tuesday! The sun is shining here this morning, we hope it is with you too. Here are today's Home Learning packs from The Hamilton Trust

Hamilton Trust Home Learning Packs:


Y2 Tuesday 5th May

Y3 Tuesday 5th May

Y4 Tuesday 5th May



Y2 Tuesday 5th May

Y2 PPT Noun Phrases 2

Y3 Tuesday 5th May

Y3 PPT Dialogue

Y4 Tuesday 5th May

Y4 PPT Present Perfect Form


Monday 4th May

Good morning Elm class. We do hope that you have all had a lovely weekend. 

In 2020, our country would have celebrated May Day today Monday, May 4 with a bank holiday. But this year we're doing it differently so that we can also celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Our government pushed back the bank holiday to May 8 - this Friday. Keep an eye on the website and your inboxes for ideas to celebrate this amazing day. (You should have all received an email now, links for ideas below too if needed!) Don't forget to send us photos of anything you've been doing to mark VE Day.

VE Day Information PPT

Glider Activity

Union Jack Bunting

Code Cracking For Beginners

VE Day Fact File

Here are today's Home Learning Packs from Hamilton Trust. 

Hamilton Trust Home Learning Packs:


Y2 Monday 4th May


Y3 Monday 4th May


Y4 Monday 4th May


Y2 Monday 4th May

Y2 PPT Noun Phrases 1

Y3 Monday 4th MayY4 Monday 4th May


Friday 1st May

Good morning Elm Class and Happy May Day! Did you know that May 1st (May Day) is an ancient festival of Spring and a current traditional spring holiday in many European cultures? Dances, singing, and cake are usually part of the festivities. Will you be baking a cake to celebrate today?

TT Rock Stars Challenge: THE RESULTS...

 Y2: 1271 vs Y3: 531 / Y2: 1271 vs Y4: 1518

Congratulations to Year 2 for winning the Y2 vs Y3 challenge!

Congratulations to Year 4 for winning the Y2 vs Y4 challenge!

These were absolutely amazing results Elm Class, we're very proud of you.

We'll email the MVP certificates later today.

Hamilton Trust Home Learning Packs:


Y2 Friday 1st May

Y3 Friday 1st May

Y4 Friday 1st May


Y2 Friday 1st May Y3 Friday 1st May Y3 PPT Perfect Form

Y4 Friday 1st May


Thursday 30th April

Good morning Elm Class :)

TT Rock Stars Challenge

The current scores are: Y2: 1109 vs Y3: 531 / Y2: 1109 vs Y4: 1413

The challenge ends tonight. Which year group will be crowned the winners this week?

We'll update you in the morning - keep going guys!!!

Hamilton Trust Home Learning Packs:


Y2 Thursday 30th April

Y3 Thursday 30th April

Y4 Thursday 30th April


Y2 Thursday 30th April

Y3 Thursday 30th April

Y3 PPT Progressive Tense

Y4 Thursday 30th April


Wednesday 29th April

We hope you have all chosen the country/countries that you would like to visit in Europe. We've heard from quite a few of you and France is proving to be very popular at the moment! Is anyone going to try escargot? We're looking forward to seeing what you are all discovering on your tour of Europe. 

Food of Europe

Hamilton Trust Home Learning Packs:


Y2 Wednesday 29th April

Y3 Wednesday 29th April


Y4 Wednesday 29th April



Y2 Wednesday 29th April

Y3 Wednesday 29th April

Y3 PPT Past and Present TensY4 Wednesday 29th April


Tuesday 28th April 

Good morning Elm Class! 

WOW! Well done to everyone who has been taking part in this week's TT rockstars challenges.

Your daily score updates are: Y2: 677 vs Y3: 240 / Y2: 677 vs Y4: 742.

Thank you to all of you who have completed your ten studio sessions - we can see your new Rock Status' coming through on the website. There's still a few of the team missing though.... Let's aim to have the whole class with a status (not NEW ARTIST) by the end of this week.

Here are your Home Learning Packs for English and maths today. 

Don't forget to take a look at yesterday's topic activities for this week too.

#stayhome #staysafe

Hamilton Trust Packs:


Y2 Tuesday 28th April

Y2 PPTY3 Tuesday 28th April

Y4 Tuesday 28th April


Y2 Tuesday 28th April

Y3 Tuesday 28th April

Y4 Tuesday 28th April

Y4 PPT Conjunctions


Monday 27th April

Good morning Elm class. What amazing weather we had over the weekend! What did you guys get up to with your families? We're sure a few of you will have enjoyed a barbecue :) 

Well done for getting off to a fantastic start with the latest TT Rockstars challenge. It's close! Keep up the great work rockers :)

How did everyone do with their passport making? Please remember to keep emailing us photos of your work.

You should all receive an email with the Topic work attached but here's a link too in case you need it:

Around the World in 80 Days Journal Tasks

Here are today's home learning packs for English and maths. 

Hamilton Trust Packs:


Y2 Monday 27th AprilY3 Monday 27th April


Y4 Monday 27th April



Y2 Monday 27th AprilY2 GR Whale WordsY3 Monday 27th April

Y4 Monday 28th April



Friday 24th April

New challenges have been set on TT Rockstars - head over to the website to see who is battling this week....

Remember, you need to aim to spend 5-10 minutes every day on TT rockstars and please, please, complete your Studio sessions to gain your rock status.

If it says 'New Artist' under your rock name you need to visit the Studio. 

If you have a rock status and you think you're ready to move up, head over to the Studio too!

Hamilton Trust Packs:


Y2 Friday 24th AprilY2 PPT

Y3 Friday 24th April

Y4 Friday 24th April


Y2 Friday 24th AprilY2 GR Hansel and GretelY3 Friday 24th April

Y4 Friday 24th April


Update for Thursday 23rd April

Hamilton Trust Packs:

Y2 Thursday 23rd AprilY3 PPTY3 Thursday 23rd AprilYear 4 Thursday 23rd AprilEnglish:

Y2 Thursday 23rd April

Y3 Thursday 23rd April

Year 3 GR - Purple is Best

Y3 PPTY4 Thursday 24th April


Wednesday 22nd April

CONGRATULATIONS to Year 3 who won the TT Rockstars year group battle!!

It was a very close contest with the final score being Y3: 580 vs Y4: 557. A special well done to Jess Strait from Year 3 and Sasha Sargent in Y4 who scored the majority of the points for their year groups.

We'll let you know when the next battle is due to take place! Keep practicing.

Resources for Week 1 of our new topic, Around the World in 80 Days:

Letter to Kick Start Topic

Week 1 Tasks


Map of the World

 Hamilton Trust Packs:


Y2 Wednesday 22nd April

Y3 Wednesday 22nd April

Y4 Wednesday 22nd April

Y2 Wednesday 22nd April

Y3 Wednesday 22nd April

Y4 Wednesday 22nd April



Hamilton Trust Packs for Tuesday 21st April:


Y2 Tuesday 21st April

Y2 Tuesday 21st PPT

Y3 Tuesday 21st April

Y4 Tuesday 21st April

Y4 Tuesday 21st PPT

Y2 Tuesday 21st AprilY3 Tuesday 21st AprilY3 PPTY4 Tuesday 21st AprilY4 PPTTopic:

Map of Europe

If you can, print out the map of Europe.

Colour each of the countries. How many place names can you remember? Can you colour the sea? 

Which country shall we visit first?


Keep up the great work Elm Class!


Hamilton Trust Packs for Monday 20th April:


Year 2 Monday 20thYear 3 Monday 20th AprilYear 3 PPT MondayYear 4 Monday 20th April



Year 2 Monday 20th

Year 2 - Angry Cat

Year 3 - Monday 20th

Year 4 - Monday 20th



We'll begin our journey around the world by travelling to Europe. Today, can you find out which countries make up Europe? Can you find them on a map of the world and name them? How many of them have you travelled to? Do you have any photos of your travels to Europe? Find them and talk about them.

We'll choose one of these countries for our first visit! Keep your virtual passports at the ready...

TT Rockstars:

The tables have been set... Who else can join the Rock Heroes this week? 

Other ideas:

We understand the pressures of working from home, keeping up with school work, etc and appreciate that there really is no 'one size fits all' approach to this home learning. These activities are suggestions. Alternatively, you might like to try the new BBC Bitesize Daily timetable that launches today - Monday 20th - at 9 am. Find it on BBCiPlayer. Here's what this week looks like:

WC 20th April





 Has anyone been making rainbows or spotted them in windows on a walk around their neighbourhood? Check out the photos of a rainbow themed absorption experiment above!

Tuesday 31st March:

Here are a few more ideas of things to do during your time slots each day:

Active Time:

Joe Wicks: Have you been following Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) on YouTube in the mornings? He's running a daily, 30 minute, exercise session every weekday morning at 9 am, live on his channel.  It's a fun and active way to start the day. I tried it today with my two and we all loved it. 

Academic Time:

TTRS: Well done to everyone who has been keeping up with our Times Table Rock Stars. It's been lovely to see so many of you logging in regularly. Don't forget to make sure you've completed ten sessions in the STUDIO area to generate your rock speed.

We've set up a TT Rock Stars challenge between the Year 3 and 4's this week. Login to play and help your year group to win! (Don't worry Year 2, we'll set one for you guys after the Easter holidays)

Oxford Owl: We've set up a class login area on the Oxford Owl website - visit                    At the top of the page you'll see a link button - 'My Class Login'                                                                          Our class login details are:                                                                                                                                  Class name: elm234                                                                                                                                            Password: elm234                                                                                                                                              Once you've logged in, you'll have access to a selection of eBooks which you can read online using your tablets. Just use the search fields to find books by age, series or theme. There are lots of familiar books that we have at school and lots of lovely new ones.                                                                                                                     

Visit the RWI spelling section to find easy to navigate spelling activities for each of our year groups.               

The parents' tab will take you to the Oxford Owl For Home pages where you'll find a whole range of activities and ideas.

Minecraft: Calling all fans of Minecraft... Why not download Minecraft Education Edition? There's an awesome coding game as part of this. Why not give it a go? 


Monday 30th March:

The Wind in the Willows Project

Paper Boat Challenge     

Wind in the Willows Resource Pack

 Elm Class Adventure Writing Project

 Elm Class Easter RE

 Elm Class Polar Explorers Topic


Take a look at this list of useful websites (Highly recommend Duolingo and look forward to hearing the languages you are all fluent in when we return to school!):

Useful Websites


Your lovely music teachers have produced some resources to help you create some music at home (though maybe not whilst your adults are on a conference call to their work!) 

Music on the Menu 









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