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Young Enterprise

St James' School is a registered Young Enterprise School.

Young Enterprise is the United Kingdom's largest business and enterprise education charity which was set up to inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise.  Its guiding principle is to do this through 'learning by doing'.  We run a Young Enterprise module every term aimed at a different class so that during the year all pupils work directly with trained Young Enterprise facilitator and volunteers from business backgrounds.  The role of the volunteers it to raise aspirations, develop key skills and open their eyes to the exciting world of enterprise.

The Primary Young Enterprise scheme of six primary modules that we do are: Ourselves, (aged 4-7), Our Families, (aged 5-8), Our Community, (aged 6-9), Our City, (aged 7-10), Our Nation, (aged 8-11), Our World, (aged 9-12).

As an example the module on ‘Our Community’ inspires children to understand how communities work. From government and taxes to social responsibility and making decisions, children discover how people and businesses work together to bring local communities to life.

‘Our Nation’ inspires pupils to explore the relationships between the people, businesses and government that make up the 21st Century UK economy.

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