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All applications for admission to St James' School must be made through the Local Education Authority. Please read the following pdf for current information here.

If your child is starting school, you can apply for a place online at - follow the link to Learning

For all other enquiries, admissions or transfers within established years please contact the school. 01798 872196

To speak to someone about your specific requirements, contact West Sussex Centre for Children and Young People Services (CYPS) on telephone number 0845 075 1007

or e-mail:

If your child is starting school, to apply for a place at St James School please contact:

Pupil Admissions Team

Centenary House

Durrington Lane


West Sussex,
BN13 2QB

Under the Education Act parents can express a preference for any school but do not have the right to choose a school. West Sussex Education Authority does make every effort to meet parental choice where possible. Further details of admissions can be found online on the West Sussex Grid for Learning.

When your child starts or joins the school additional funding may also be available called Pupil Premium

If you are in receipt of benefits (click here for list) you can apply for free school meals and your child's school will receive a Pupil Premium grant to support your child's education. The grant is currently £1300 per eligible primary pupil. This applies even if your child is currently receiving Universal Free School Meals in Reception or Key Stage One.

To claim please visit the following webpage to obtain an application form or please ask for one at the School Office.



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