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Our Curriculum - Statement of Intent

 The Arun Villages Federation Suitcase

The Arun Villages Federation curriculum has been designed to ensure that all our children can thrive and succeed.  Our vision is that our children take away with them the AVF suitcase, which contains the academic, social and cultural capital they have acquired during their years at our schools. 

The contents of their suitcase will equip them fully for the next step in their education and for later life.   We want them to begin their secondary education with sound academic skills, knowledge and understanding, so that they can seize every opportunity for further academic success.  We want them to take with them a range of cultural knowledge and understanding, so that they embrace all that the world has to offer, and contribute positively to it.  We want them to be confident, resilient and motivated young people whose personal and social skills and attributes enable them to respect themselves and others and to make the most of their life chances.   

What would we like to be in the suitcase?       

Academic capital includes:



A wide and precise vocabulary

Sound reading and writing skills

Broad general knowledge

Mathematical fluency

Thinking skills and the ability to think creatively and critically

Being articulate in speech and writing

Interest in a wide range of subjects

Core understanding of mathematical concepts

Good communication skills – verbal, non-verbal and in writing

Knowing how they learn and how to learn well

High levels of reading comprehension

Scientific skills and understanding – enquiry, questioning and investigation

STEM skills and interests

Science and the environment

Social and personal capital includes:









Motivation to learn

Confidence about who they are

Self-belief and self-esteem

Strong friendships

Emotional literacy and intelligence

Strong and lived personal values

Organisational skills

Physical and mental wellbeing



Knowing how to keep themselves safe and how to evaluate risk




Respect for themselves and others


Cultural capital includes:



A sense of our own and the wider community 

Knowledge of the world’s great art and music  

Global awareness and responsibility  

A sense of chronology   

A strong mental model of the world  

Pride in their own and our shared culture

The ability to learn from and through history  

Understanding and living British values

Religious understanding and tolerance

Knowing our place in the world

Understanding environmental and climate change and a sense of stewardship

Good and active citizenship, and charitable work


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